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Please note that the shipping of our Limited edition Pure Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Jade Facial Rollers will start from 10th March, 2021. 

- Amethyst is known as the stone of spirituality. The stone's peaceful properties bring calmness and clarity to the mind while reducing stress and anxiety. Harness the power of amethyst with a soothing facial roller massage for a healthy, glowing complexion. Our Pure Amethyst facial lifting roller features an immensely pure natural, one-of-a-kind quality of Amethyst with gold accents. 

- Increases Elasticity

- Reduces pores and fine lines

- Boosts Collagen levels

- Promotes lymphatic drainage

- Reduces puffiness

- Eliminates toxins

- Soothes sensitive skin

Amethyst is a natural precious stone linked to the crown chakra. The stone is also known as the stone of “Peace, Wisdom, and Protection".

Pure Amethyst Roller

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