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The Cher Story

At Cher Amour, We are inspired by the French concept of amour de soi: a deep feeling of empathy and affection that one can develop for people, animal and things.

Amour de soi is a quality that leads to more humanity because it is not associated with self-interest, but rather individual wellbeing. Amour de soi takes away any need for comparison or competition. It allows humans to be aware of their valuable existence. It leads to closer and more real connections with others. Amour de soi encompasses everything about a human being. It isn’t about loving your image every day. It doesn’t mean that every time you look in a mirror you’ll be happy with what you see. It’s more abstract and deeper than that. Having this type of self-love, which is a practice, means that during times of struggle, when you may not like yourself at all, there is still a deeper feeling you hold, a knowing that you still have purpose and value.

Your Millennial Clean Beauty brand - Cher Amour's Organic skin care line focus on using flowers, herbs, and plant-based ingredients. All our formulations are crafted from plants which have been picked at their peak and then gently coaxed into pouring all of their therapeutic benefits into each product without the use of heavy refining

We stand for the truth in beauty. All of our products use only the highest quality ingredients, pose no harm to people or the environment, and are independently certified-nontoxic and natural. 

Clean beauty isn't complicated but rather consciously effective. We stand for the honesty in beauty. 
We know what you’re here for: results The great news is, Our clean beauty products are full of Certified Organic, Safe ingredients that address every skin concern. Trusted by over 1000 happy customers.
Our high-performing formulas are designed with all the nutrients skin needs—and none of the harsh chemicals used in many beauty products.
* VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE  Cher Amour is made with Natural, *Eco Certified/ USDA/INDOCERT ingredients and is free from Parabens/SLS/PEG/Silicones/Petrolatum, Phalates, DEA & Synthetic Fragrances & Colours. 
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